Birthstone Jewelry Dubai

We have all heard of gemstones but many of us do not know that several gemstones are also considered as birthstones. A birthstone according to the Catholic, Indian or Tibetan mythology has good effect on its wearer in many ways. Therefore, many women around the world prefer birthstone jewelry. In Dubai, many Dubai jewelers use many of the most popular birthstones. Let us see the stones that are considered as birthstones by each mythology. Birthstone jewelry is therefore very successful and it is very interesting remains of the mystical forces that human embrace in a form of jewelry.

Today we can differentiate three types of charts used in birthstone jewelry: the Modern Birthstones that are the zodiac birthstones, the Mystical Birthstones originated from Tibet and the Ayurvedic Birthstones that originated from the ancient Ayurvedic medicinal and healthcare techniques. Quite interestingly, we can see distinct similarity between the three charts of birthstones. In most countries today, the Modern Birthstones are considered as the main birthstones although in Dubai many of the Indian jewelers make birthstone jewelry according to the ancient Ayurvedic methods.

Let’s now see the Modern Birthstone Chart according to which the stone of January is garnet, for February comes the lilac amethyst, March has the light or aquamarine blue aquamarine, April has the elegant diamond, May’s stone is the green Emerald, June has two stones that includes the moonstone and pearl too, July has the beautiful red ruby, August has the leaf green Peridot, September’s stone is the deep blue sapphire, October again has two stones the Opal and Tourmaline, November’s stones are the similar looking yellow Topaz and the Citrine and December alone has three stones, the Turqoise, the Blue Topaz and the light lilac Tanzanite. All these outstanding gemstones make a rich part of Dubai’s birthstone jewelry culture with higher attention to the Emerald, Sapphire, Ruby and the Topaz.

The biggest difference between the three birthstone jewelry charts we can see between the Modern and the Mystical Birthstone chart which enlists also stones which were less or not at all known by the Europeans with the inclusion of Jade, Onyx, Agate or Jasper. Many of these stones represent today an important part of both jewelry and gemstone jewelry in Dubai. Such Dubai jewelries as Farah Jewelers and the rich collections of Damas Jewelry are famous for their rich usage of birthstones. Cara Jewelers, which are one of Dubai’s most appreciated diamond and gemstone jewelry, is located in the Dubai Gold and Diamond Park and it is highly visited. The birthstone jewelry charts normally only keep the Modern birthstone chart. Other well-known jewelries such as the Zainal jewelers take care of all the birthstones in their jewelry and its one of the few where you can choose the exact stone that you would like to buy. Both Cara and Zainal jewelers offer loose birthstones too.

As in Dubai, it’s the diamonds which are the most looked for, when looking for the best birthstone jewelry the best choice is to visit the Dubai Gold and Diamond Park where the jewelers have their workshop too which means that they are a lot more flexible when it comes to your personal choice of birthstone jewelry.