Zoccai Jewels: An Italian Symphony of Precious Stones in Dubai

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Italian Elegance Meets Dubai Luxury: Zoccai Jewelry

Originating from the romantic city of Venice, Zoccai Jewelry has carved a distinctive name in the bustling world of Dubai’s jewelry scene. Known for its inventive shapes, colorful spectrum of precious and semi-precious stones, this Italian brand has seamlessly found its place among Dubai’s diverse mix of international jewelry stores and brands.

From Humble Workshop to Global Fame

Established in Venice by a humble goldsmith, Zoccai has flourished into a globally recognized name, owed to the charismatic allure of its handmade jewelry pieces. The charm of Zoccai’s work lies in its individuality and artistic flair, earning it popularity among many high-class personalities.

The Zoccai Collection: A Symphony of Colors and Shapes

Stepping into a Dubai store that houses Zoccai creations, one is immediately drawn to the grandeur of its designs. Prominent, vibrant stones encircled by radiant diamonds characterize many Zoccai rings. Their mesmerizing bracelets and necklaces often feature a large, central gem, complemented by beautiful earrings radiating an unmistakable Oriental essence. Primarily crafted in yellow gold, Zoccai extends its respect to other precious metals with its diverse silver collection, L&G, boasting stunning silver creations trending towards red and rose tints.

Always at the forefront of design, Zoccai isn’t just a jewelry brand—it’s a trendsetter. Notably, it’s among the rare few to sell black gold, as seen in their captivating three Gold ring collections. Zoccai’s exquisite offerings span across various colorful precious and semi-precious stones, including Tiger’s Eye, Sapphire, Amethyst, Ruby, Turquoise, and Emeralds. Their innovative use of red and rose silver adds a special touch to Sterling silver, exploiting its shiny attributes in alloys, and the inclusion of unique materials such as optical fiber sets the brand apart.

Zoccai’s Nod to Masculine Elegance

In true Italian fashion, Zoccai caters to men too, with an extensive collection of men’s rings, bracelets, and the timeless class of cufflinks. But the true innovation of Zoccai is their interactive approach to design. They offer the opportunity for clients to participate in the design process, choosing their preferred colors and metals, and allowing them to express their unique style.

The Zoccai Experience in Dubai

Zoccai has been a part of Dubai’s vibrant jewelry marketplace for several years. Its unique style provides an avenue for jewelry enthusiasts in Dubai to express their individuality. Remarkably, Zoccai caters to all budgets, with stunning designs available from as little as USD 90.

Zoccai’s two prominent stores add to the richness of Dubai’s jewelry market. These can be found in the Al Rigga district of Deira at the Arts Gems store, and within Dubai’s prime shopping destination, the Dubai Mall, in the Grand Hall Shop. For anyone seeking the perfect blend of Italian craftsmanship and Dubai’s luxury, Zoccai Jewelry offers the ideal experience.

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